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Inheritance Loans in California

With only 58 county courts to serve the country’s most populous state, and even fewer that include a probate division, it can take several years for a probate case to make its way through the legal system. With that in mind, beneficiaries commonly have to wait far longer than they ever anticipated for their inheritance to be distributed.

When you are dependent on those funds, however, or if you simply do not wish to wait several years to acquire your inheritance, there are options available that can help you access these resources much faster. If your inheritance is tied up in one of California’s probate courts, Probate Funding Inc. can work to unlock your inheritance now through a California inheritance advance.

Inheritance Advance Funding Services in California

At Probate Funding Inc., we offer comprehensive probate advance services to beneficiaries who need access to their inheritance before it makes its way through the lengthy California probate process. Without access to their inheritance, some beneficiaries are left without the financial ability to cover the expenses associated with the probate process itself, let alone cover any other expenses that may arise.

Fortunately, at Probate Funding Inc., we make it easy for you to quickly access the funds you need from your inheritance. We can provide you with a portion of your inheritance, or you can choose to receive the maximum allowable amount. Our team can secure the funds you need when you need them – no waiting.

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Well before your inheritance will be fully distributed, Probate Funding Inc. can help you access your assets through a California inheritance advance. Learn more by clicking the “Get Started” link on our website, or by calling our offices at (877) 545-GENIE (4364) today.


  • No credit-check

    Your credit is not affected, and your score doesn't matter.

  • No employment history

    It makes no difference whether you are employed or unemployed.

  • No monthly payments

    We only receive payment from the Estate, and not from you.

  • No Interest Charges

    This is not a loan, so there are no interest charges. We only receive the amount agreed upon -- no hidden charges.

  • No recourse

    Meaning you are not responsible if the amount we receive from the Estate is less than what was agreed upon.

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